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The Creatives

We’ve yet to introduce the secret weapon of SOAP Fest, better known as our kick ass creative team. Designers include Sandboxers Peter Dylan O’Connor* (Technical Director and Set Design), Robertson Witmer (Sound Design), and Phillip Lienau (Properties), along with Reed Nakayama (Lighting Design), Kelly McDonald (Costume Design), Fawn Bartlett (Costume Design), Kat Stromberger (Scenic Painter), and Harry Jamieson (Assistant Sound Design). Jeremiah Givers mans the helm as Production Stage Manager, assisted by Kayla Walker, Jessica Jones, Jessilee Marander, and Sandboxer Norman Bell (doubling as Assistant Director on Openly). To sit in on a production meeting with Sandbox directors Julie Beckman, Annie Lareau, Andy McGinn*, Carol Roscoe*, and the phalanx of designers is to witness some serious creative heat. We couldn’t be more in awe.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

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Here’s to the development of new plays – thank you Sean Williams of Gigantic Planet for capturing the spirit of SOAP Fest!

Climbing higher heights

Thanks to photographer Ann-Margaret Johnson and the best day Seattle has seen this spring, Emily, Elizabeth, Paul, and Scot dared to scale Gas Works’ largest pieces of machinery, explored a few unknown corners, and tested their balance on the waters of Lake Union. Not only were our playwrights game, now they’re talking album covers. For official press photos click here.

Photo by Ann-Margaret Johnson/Sassafras Photos