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Hot off the press!


In the coming weeks, posters will be popping up all over town. We couldn’t be more happy about this design by Devon Allen.

Casting confirmed

Serious heat! Actors Haley Alaji, Eric Ray Anderson*, Christine Marie Brown*, Randy Hoffmeyer*, James Lapan*, David Anthony Lewis*, Amy Love*, Trevor Young Marston, Terry Edward Moore*, and Mary Ethel Schmidt* will come together this June. Things are getting pret-ty exciting around here.


*Member of Actors’ Equity Association

Meet the Production Team

We’re thrilled to introduce this year’s Design and Production Team. Scenic Designer Burton Yuen, Lighting Designer Thorn Michaels, Sound Designers Evan Mosher and Rob Witmer, Costume Designer K.D. Schill, Props Master Ryan Gelskey, and Production Stage Manager Stina Lotti* will artfully transform West of Lenin into the New Mexico desert, 2011 Seattle, and Anytown, USA.

We can’t wait to see you there.


*Member of Actors’ Equity Association